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Huang KL, Jee D, Stein CB, Elrod ND, Henriques T, Mascibroda LG, Baillat D, Russell WK, Adelman K & Wagner EJ (2020) Integrator Recruits Protein Phosphatase 2A to Prevent Pause Release and Facilitate Transcription Termination. Mol Cell; 80:345-358.e9. doi: 10.1016/j.molcel.2020.08.016. PMCID: PMC7660970


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Stimulated an Outlook: Tippens ND, Vihervaara A & Lis JT, Enhancer transcription: what, where, when, and why? Genes Dev; 32 (1): 1-3.

Featured Research Highlight: Zlotorynski E, Gene expression: Developmental enhancers in action. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol, doi: 10.1038/nrm.2018.15

Highlighted in Harvard Medical School News:


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Dorighi KM, Swigut T, Henriques T, Bhanu NV, Scruggs BS, Nady N, Still CD, Garcia BA, Adelman K & Wysocka J (2017) Mll3 and Mll4 facilitate enhancer RNA synthesis and transcription from promoters independently of H3K4 monomethylation. Mol Cell; 66 (4): 568-76. PMCID: PMC5662137 

►Featured in a Preview (Pollex T & Furlong EM, Correlation does not imply causation: histone methyltransferases, but not histone methylation, SET the stage for enhancer activation, Mol Cell; 66 (4): 439-41).


Cinghu S, Yang P, Kosak JP, Conway AE, Kumar D, Oldfield AJ, Adelman K & Jothi R (2017) Intragenic enhancers attenuate host gene expression. Mol Cell; 68 (1): 104-17. PMCID: PMC5683415   

► Featured as a Research Highlight (Wrighton KH, Transcription: Intragenic enhancers dampen gene expression, Nat. Rev Genet. and Nat. Rev. Mol. Cell Biol. PMID: 29062056)


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