Our long term goal is to elucidate how cells react in a rapid yet balanced manner to external signals, at the transcriptional and epigenetic level. We use a combination of genomics, genetics and biochemistry to study the dynamics of gene expression, with a focus on developmental and immune responsive systems.


Congratulations Chad and Claudia!

The whole Adelman lab is very proud of Chad and Claudia, who both did a great job in their pre-qualifying exams. They passed with flying colors!

Welcome Ben!

The Adelman lab is happy to welcome a very talented new postdoc. Ben obtained his PhD from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where he worked in the lab of Dr Leann Howe. 

Congratulations Hanneke!

Hanneke Vlaming has been awarded multiple postdoctoral fellowships, including an EMBO fellowship, a Rubicon Scholarship and a fellowship from the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP). Way to go Hanneke!