We study gene regulation in development and how gene activity is perturbed in diseases such as cancer. Using a combination of functional genomics, genetics and biochemistry, we study how transcription is influenced by cellular signaling and how gene expression interfaces with chromatin architecture and epigenetic features of the genome. We also use cutting-edge nascent RNA-sequencing methods to investigate the transcription of protein coding mRNAs as well as non-coding RNA species.


Welcome Piero!

Piero Espinel is the newest person to strengthen our team and we're so happy to have him! Piero recently graduated from Northeastern University and is joining our lab as a Research Assistant.

Great work, Chad!

Congratulations to Chad, who was just awarded an NIH F31 fellowship! This fellowship will support his investigation of the Integrator complex.

Welcome Karla!

We're happy to welcome Karla Martinez Nevarez to the lab! Karla is a graduate student in the BBS program, and previously graduated from UC Santa Cruz. In our lab, she will be studying premature termination in the context of external stimuli.