We study gene regulation in development and how gene activity is perturbed in diseases such as cancer. Using a combination of functional genomics, genetics and biochemistry, we study how transcription is influenced by cellular signaling and how gene expression interfaces with chromatin architecture and epigenetic features of the genome. We also use cutting-edge nascent RNA-sequencing methods to investigate the transcription of protein coding mRNAs as well as non-coding RNA species.


Great news!

Congratulations to postdoc Ben Martin, who was awarded a Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Looking forward to seeing your cool project develop!

Claudia's paper on co-transcriptional splicing is out!

Co-transcriptional splicing regulates 3' end cleavage during mammalian erythropoiesis

Molecular Cell:


Congratulations Claudia!

This important paper shows just how fast mammalian splicing can be, and demonstrates that splicing occurs without Pol II pausing near splice sites. Further, using long-read sequencing Claudia and Kirsten find that failure to splice an RNA molecule causes defects in 3' end formation. 

A wonderful collaboration with Karla Neugebauer's lab!

Congratulations Jessica!

Jessica Bruzzone was awarded an EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship! Congrats Jessica on your super exciting project and award!